Dealing With A Dirty Colon? Know How To Fight The Problem!

Does your nature’s call becoming a frustration? Are you trying hard to get rid of your dirty and unhealthy colon? If yes, then you should definitely try the following listed solutions that will help to ease your unhealthy bowel movements, boost more energy in the body and provides you a healthy lifestyle. With a dirty colon, comes many problems like protruding belly, constipation, unhealthy bowel movements and more.

Let’s get started…

  • Avoid Fast Food

Fast food like chips, french fries, sausages, doughnuts, burgers, pastries and white breads are tasty but they are made up of carbohydrates. Besides, they don’t get digested easily and further lead you towards constipation.

  • Train your Stomach

There are a lot of people who have a fixed timing or hour when they pass the stool. You should make it a habit to sit on the toilet at least for 15 minutes daily. Doing so will eases the bowel movements and helps your body gets trained to pass stool gradually at a certain hour.

  • Be Active

Poor digestion can also be a major cause for the problem of constipation. Just after your meals, sitting ideal can easily prevent digestion and assures accumulation of undigested food in your intestines. Besides, keep yourself active and take a few rounds after completing your meal.

  • Avoid Holding Urge to go to Bathroom

There are many situations that make you really need to use the washroom, but you cannot because of some inconvenience which may also the reason behind your dirty and unhealthy colon.

  • Do Not Skip Meals

Keeping the stomach necessary throughout the day is very necessary. No meals or too heavy meals disturbs the normal bowel movements that causes constipation. To tackle this problem, it is advised to have nutritious food in frequent and small portions.

  • Intake Fibrous Food

You should incorporate the best foods in your diet to fight constipation. Vegetables and fruits are very rich in fiber that eases your digestion and keeps your bowel movements health. Besides, one must avoid unhealthy foods that adds bulk to the stools.

  • Drink Lots of Water

Water solves many serious issues, both externally and internally! It keeps your digestive system clean and reduces the problem of constipation. Drinking up to 8-10 glass water a day is advisable for everyone as it also provides you relief from bowel movements.


Keep the above simple tips in your mind in order to knock out the constipation problem forever. If your stomach is clean, disinfected and healthy, you will be happy. So get ready and follow the above points now.